Monday, June 25, 2007

Beardy Goodness

Just finished watching one of VH1's catalog shows. This one listed the best/worst softrock songs of all time. Now, I could write for hours about the dumb irony of "so bad it's good" hipsterism, or the emptiness of creating any kind of dichotomy between "high" and "low" art. But what completely captivated me was all the hairy, bearded, groovy guys this show highlighted. Whether it was the guys from Orleans (Still the One, indeed) or Rupert Holmes (remember the Pina Colado Song?), it pulled me right back into the 70s, at the exact moment when my brain was ready to be imprinted with the concept of Hot Guy. All I need now is a Camero, a fu manchu stache, and tight flares. Grrrrrr.

BTW, one of the commenters for this particular VH1 show was JD Ryznar, one of the writers/actors on Acceptable TV. He and several of his peers on Acceptable TV are equally beardy and slobby, in that almost-trying-too-hard hipster way. The show is just passable. The men are hairy nerds. Again, grrrr.

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