Friday, June 29, 2007

Update: Masters of Horror

A few days ago, I provided a tepid review of the Masters of Horror television series on Showtime. I stand by that post. However, I just watched Joe Dante's second season entry, "The Screwfly Solution", and must say it bordered on genius. In fact, I'd say it was fantastic until the surprise ending, which--though cool and appropriate for the genre--sort of demoted the movie into just another SF narrative. For most episodes, that would be step up. But Dante is showing that maybe the limitations of the small screen are just what he needs. His first season show "Homecoming" is still the best so far.

His latest episode did include the single creepiest image in the entire series: A billboard of a woman in a bathing suit vandalized to look like she's wearing a burka. In the context of the plot, it was shocking in that it's not entirely unbelievable for our red state brothers.

Finally, if the masters are too scary for you, check this: The Amateurs of Horror and their tale of Douglas the Zombie.

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