Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Chim Chim's Revenge

Welcome to the Mach Five Dungeon of Monkey Torture

Defamer is always funny, but every single line in today's report of a chimpanzee attack on the set of Speed Racer had me clutching the pearls. In a good way. Key quote:

The 15 milligrams of injectable "rest" administered to the ornery chimp proved so successful, producers ultimately decided to give the newly docile actor a second chance. It's a decision they may wind up regretting, should horrified crew members find themselves fishing Spritle's mangled body from the Mach Five's trunk, only to discover a blood-drench Chim-Chim emerging from the shadows a moment later, delivering a dead-eyed stare that all but gloats, "The bite was your warning, humans. Spritle didn't have to die."

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