Sunday, July 1, 2007

A Pic, A Tick, and a Flick

Went to Tony's yesterday for a no-brainer Saturday: take a few photos, grab some dinner, then play Wii-version of Resident Evil 4 until we passed out from video-game-induced stress. After a late start (thank you so much, nap fairies!) we tooled around Sterling, Virginia, looking for inspiration. That didn't work out so well, so we just pulled into a parking lot near a field to capture the low sun. It was perfect. Except for the fat, black tick I found on my leg. Cue phobia!

We hightailed it to dinner, where Tony captured the lovely photo above, among others that may see the light of blog sometime. Or maybe not. Junk food and camera phones turned out to be more fun than expected.

Back at his place we fired up the Wii after David, the third leg of our tripod of destruction, showed up. The game was awesomely fun. In fact, zombies + Wii = fun. And what did we learn from this educational experience? If a friend says "Don't jump out the window!", jump anyway. And if the online guide says "Shoot the old woman!", just don't.

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