Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Pride 2007

We're here, we're queer, you're standing way too near!This last weekend was Pride. And I was out in the streets, as always. I missed the parade for the first time in years. Volunteered at my job's booth on Sunday, ate a crab cake, and watched the men walk around. Delicious, all the way 'round.

A few observations:

The death of gay culture! There are always average looking gay folk at Pride, and have been for the 25 years I've attended. But this year was exceptional. The gym bunnies, club kids, and body fascists must be hibernating.

The death of gay culture? Freedom plaza was packed. Every year, Pride seems to get bigger and bigger. While the proliferation of mainstream corporate booths told the assimilation story, the fact that we still feel the need congregate in celebration adds the footnote.

The death of gay culture :( I only saw two drag queens and two leather men. Sad. I'm all for assimilation, but bitches and buttless chaps are nice, too. Just saying.

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