Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Tuesday Time Capsule: Omni Magazine

I am not porn

When I was growing up, I read Omni magazine religiously. I can now admit to only understanding about one quarter of what I found between it insanely evocative covers. But those stories described a world outside my suburban mind that I couldn't wait to explore.

Too bad the timing sucked. Omni missed the nerd-worshipping internet-loving world by a decade. And though it limped into an online version in 1996, it ceased publishing in 1998, and disappeared from the web in 2003.
While I can't imagine living without the web's horizonless ocean of content, there's something to be said for keeping all the world's geeky coolness in one place, between two slick covers. Gives a teenage outsider something to look forward to.

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